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Kirby Hayes, via KHI, provides valuable services to the petroleum and natural gas industries. Among these are:

Log Interpretation for all types of wells including injection and disposal wells

Business Development Consulting

Human Resource Reconnaisance Services

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        Kirby Hayes extensive experience solving issues related to the production of heavy oil began in his father’s cased hole wireline company. Later, Kirby worked for such organizations as Schlumberger before founding his own company, KHI, in 1999. Kirby uses his unique background to help people meet the difficult challenges in the oil and gas field, especially relating to heavy oil production.

       Kirby has conducted various seminars, short courses and workshops; co-authored technical papers, articles and patent applications, and made many presentations on wide-ranging topics of interest to heavy oil producers. Kirby is a member of the Oilfield Technical Society. He was an integral part of the establishment and the fund raising for the OTS Heavy Oil Science Center, in Lloydminster.  In 2003 he received an Outstanding Service Award from the Petroleum Society of CIM.  He has also consulted internationally on CHOPS pilots in Venezuela, Argentina, Alaska and Kuwait.  Kirby is on BP Alaska’s Heavy Oil Advisory Board.

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